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Your next must-have lake accessory!

Almost every boat on the water has a bimini top to provide shade for over the boat, but what about when you get in the water? A hat only covers a little bit and your sunscreen is going to wear off... and that's where we come in. Your lake days are more comfortable with MoorShade! No need to find a shady cove, hide close to the boat, or cut your time in the water short to get out of the sun. Let your anchor down wherever you please... MoorShade has you covered! Sets up in just a few minutes, and easily stores in your boat with our storage bag.


Secure worry-free setup

MoorShade is held together at multiple points for a sturdy setup. The boat-side corner attachment points and the upper support strap hold the cover in place over the water while our floating anchors keep the cover from blowing around in the wind.


Lightweight and compact

Most other sunshades are bulky, heavy, and aren't built to last. MoorShade uses high quality materials that are lightweight and built to last. Our full system weighs less than 10 pounds and takes up far less space than other options.


plenty of shade

MoorShade provides over 85 square feet of shade, which is plenty of area for you, friends, and family to enjoy the water. With the sun behind the cover, you can adjust MoorShade to a higher angle for even greater coverage.

MoorShade is proudly made in the USA!


Our cover fabrics have a UPF rating of 50+, meaning our covers block over 98% of harmful UV rays!


More than just
a boat product!

MoorShade is designed to be more than just a boat shade. As long as you have secure mounting points, you can take your cover system with you just about anywhere, especially with our Land Kits, which will be available this summer!


moorshade land kits

Our Land Kits will come with everything you need to mount your MoorShade Cover System off the boat. Our suction cup mounting points provide adequate suction to smooth surfaces (windows, trailers, vehicles, etc.) and acts similar to a boat cleat to give a great anchoring point for the inside edge of the cover. The adjustable-length outer posts serve two functions -- hold the cover up and anchor it to the ground, taking the place of the floating anchors and center lifting strap.


countless possibilities

Even before the land kits are available, our MoorShade Cover System will come compatible with the kit with the only addition to the cover being a grommet on each outside corner -- that's it!Trailers, RVs, toy haulers, cars, trucks, SUVs, airplanes, fences, houses, railings... you name it, you can probably mount MoorShade there. As long as you have secure anchoring points for the inside edge of the cover, you're set!


ultimate portability

The beauty of MoorShade is that it's very lightweight and compact. Other shade setups are bulky, heavy, and made from low-grade materials. Our Land Kit will only add an extra 6 pounds (estimated) to the total weight of your MoorShade Cover System, and to keep it even more compact off-the-water just leave the floating anchors in the boat! You won't find a more convenient sunshade anywhere else!